Who is running against Lauren Underwood in 2024?

1 13 2023 5 24 43 PM scaled

When considering who could possibly give Representative Lauren Underwood a run for her money in the 2024 election, one name stands out: Jack Lombardi II. A political newcomer backed by staunch Republican support, Lombardi is sure to draw some attention this cycle.

In terms of credentials and experience, Lombardi sets himself apart from other potential GOP candidates. He graduated magna cum laude from Northwestern College with a degree in business management.  Since his time at Northwestern Business College, Jack has built three notable businesses.

Alternatively to Rep. Underwood’s progressive record focusing on health care reform, defense spending reduction efforts as well as environmental conservation measures like protecting wetlands along rivers throughout Congress’ 14th District—all aspects that she has championed during her two years representing constituents—Lombardi has made it clear that if elected into Congress he will focus on “[prioritizing] solutions regarding spending cuts while working to create an environment that attracts business development and job growth through tax incentives rather than burdensome regulations at both state and federal levels.” He hopes to reestablish fiscal responsibility paired with lowered taxes which will encourage businesses to come back home; these ideas combined promise a committed attempt towards creating economic stimulus for local communities throughout Illinois' 14th district - something we can all benefit from during these times! Ultimately only time will tell who will be elected come November 2024 but rest assured I feel confident saying Jack Lombardi is certainly someone we need to keep our eyes on within this race!