Voting is an important part of life in Wenona, Illinois. The city has a long history of political engagement and was even the first county seat in Marshall County, when it was founded in 1839. All citizens aged 18 or over are eligible to vote on local, state, and national elections. There are several polling places in the city for residents to cast their ballots on election day.

Residents of Wenona are encouraged to take an active role in politics by exercising their right to vote. This includes registering with the Board of Elections prior to Election Day as well as staying informed about upcoming ballot issues and candidates running for office. The village also provides education materials and voter guides that outline how citizens can become familiar with ballot initiatives and candidates as well as providing details about how they can register, find a polling place, obtain an absentee ballot, or request a mail-in ballot if needed. Through this program and other measures like early voting opportunities and outreach programs conducted by elected officials and campaign teams themselves, Wenona works hard at ensuring its citizens have ample opportunity to get involved with the political process when election season rolls around each year.

Where can I vote in Wenona, IL?

Osage Townhall– 899E ILL 17 , Wenona, IL