Tonica, Illinois is a small village located in LaSalle County, nestled in the rural countryside. It has an estimated population of 835 people, with most of them being employed by local farming and small businesses. The village was founded in 1856 and still preserves many of its historical features.

Tonica features a historic downtown area with several buildings dating back to the 19th century. One of the more popular sites here is the old Tonic Inn, which served as a meeting place for locals for most of the twentieth century. Several churches are also located within town, including St. Mary’s Catholic Church and First Presbyterian Church.

When it comes to voting in Tonica, residents have multiple options available to them throughout election season each year. Polling places are set up within town limits at designated locations where registered voters may go to cast their ballots on Election Day or early on any business day preceding it within certain time frames depending on local laws or regulations. Additionally, registered voters may apply for absentee ballots if they are unable to make it on Election Day or if they will be out of town when voting begins.

Where can I vote in Tonica, IL?

Eden 1American Legion Post 260 – 115 S. La Salle St., Tonica, IL