Stavanger, IL is a small city located in northern Illinois. It is situated on the banks of the Rock River and is known for its rich agricultural heritage. The population of Stavanger is around 1200 people, making it a quiet and peaceful place to live. One of the most notable attractions in Stavanger is its annual Fourth of July parade, which brings out residents from throughout the area to celebrate American independence. Another popular event that takes place each year is the Stavanger Summerfest, which features live music, local food vendors, carnival rides and more.

Stavanger has an active voter registry as well due to its location within Ogle County and participation in elections at both state and national levels. Each election day citizens line up at polling places early in the morning to cast their ballots for candidates running for office locally and throughout the country. When there’s an election taking place in Stavanger it can be quite lively with signs being posted everywhere and volunteers handing out information about candidates and issues.

Stavanger residents must register to vote at both state and federal levels prior to voting in any election or referendum. Those who wish to cast their ballot may do so at the Village Hall located just off Main Street every Tuesday before Election Day or if they choose they may mail in absentee ballots or vote early at designated polling places within McHenry county or at their own convenience via Early Voting Drive Thru locations.

Where can I vote in Stavanger, IL?

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