Where can I vote in Shabbona, IL?

Shabbona, Illinois is home to a strong and engaged electorate that has the power to make an impact on local, state and even national elections. The village of Shabbona is located in DeKalb County, and is part of the 14th Congressional District, which sends its representative to the United States House of Representatives. All registered voters in Shabbona are eligible to vote in all Federal, State, and local elections.

Shabbona also offers absentee voting for individuals who will be out-of-town during an election season but still wish for their voice to be heard. Absentee ballots must be requested prior to election day by downloading an application from the village website or making a request via email or telephone; once completed, ballots must be submitted by mail or in person no later than Election Day. Additionally, those aged 16-17 may preregister now – allowing them eligibility to vote upon reaching age 18 without needing additional paperwork.

Residents of Shabbona take pride in their ability to shape the political landscape for future generations through meaningful civic participation each election cycle; whether one votes by mail, early voting or on Election Day itself, every resident’s opinion matters! By educating themselves on pertinent issues impacting the village and beyond then exercising their right to vote accordingly, citizens of Shabbona ensure that their voices are heard loud and clear!

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