Seneca, Illinois is a small city located in LaSalle County and part of the Ottawa-Streator Micropolitan Statistical Area. As an American town, Seneca offers its citizens many opportunities to participate in the democratic process through voting. All registered voters in Seneca are eligible to cast ballots on Election Day and during early voting periods for federal, state, county, and local elections. Since Illinois is a closed primary state, only voters who declare their party affiliation can vote in primary elections.

Voting is an important way for citizens to express their views about candidates and issues that affect the community. The City of Seneca works closely with LaSalle County Elections Office to ensure all residents understand their rights and responsibilities related to the electoral process. All ballots cast by residents of Seneca are counted at the county level and reported in state election results after polls close.

Polling places have been established throughout the city where registered voters can go on Election Day or during early voting periods to cast their ballots. Some polling places are open all day while others have more limited hours based on when most people will be available to vote. Accessible polling places with ramps and other features provide accommodations for those with disabilities who wish to exercise their right to vote.

Where can I vote in Seneca, IL?

Seneca Fire Department – 121 Armour St, Seneca, IL

Brookfield Town Hall – 2099 E 27th Rd, Seneca, IL