In Rutland, Illinois, voting and exercising one’s right to vote is a very important part of the community. The Rutland Township area is part of both LaSalle and Bureau Counties, meaning that those who live within the township can cast their votes in both counties depending on what they are voting for. For example, state representatives are voted on within LaSalle County while U.S. representatives are voted on within Bureau County.

The village itself holds municipal elections every two years for mayor and six trustees which take place during April of odd numbered years at the Rutland Village Hall located at 101 West Main Street. To qualify to vote in these elections, an individual must be registered as a resident of the village at least 30 days prior to the election date. The village also participates in a consolidated election with other local governments held every April to coincide with school board elections.  Rutland residents take pride when it comes to voting and exercising their rights as citizens of this wonderful community!

Where can I vote in Rutland, IL?

Rutland Village Hall- 101 Front St, Rutland, IL