Rollo, IL is a small village in the county of Ransom, with a population of only 169 people according to the 2010 census. This small town has an interesting history when it comes to voting, as it has a long tradition of holding non-partisan elections. In many villages and small towns across America, local politics can be divisive and partisan; however, in Rollo all citizens vote for candidates regardless of their political party. This means that political issues are often downplayed and instead elections focus on local issues such as taxes and infrastructure.

In fact, residents of Rollo are so passionate about their non-partisan voting tradition that they have even been known to organize campaigns with the goal of encouraging citizens in other counties to follow their example. This led to the formation of the Citizens Non-Partisan Election Alliance which held its first organizational meeting in 2015. The organization works to increase awareness about non-partisan voting among citizens in other parts of Ransom County and beyond.

Where can I vote in Rollo, IL?

Paw Paw Town Hall – 226 Suydam Rd, Earlville, IL