Voting in Peru, Illinois is an important right and responsibility of residents. Every citizen over the age of 18 has the right to vote or register to vote in the United States, including Illinois. The state requires all residents who will be 18 years old by the next election day to be registered before they can vote. To encourage registration, Peru, IL has several options for registering to vote.

Peru, IL also offers early voting options prior to Election Day which allow residents greater flexibility when deciding when they would like to cast their ballot. Early voting locations vary depending upon where a resident lives in Illinois but are typically located at county clerk offices or local libraries. Early voting requires no special reason and any registered voter is eligible regardless of age or disability status; however special accommodations can be made for those who require them due to disability specific needs.

Voting is an important civic duty and every citizen should take advantage of it once they reach 18 years old and become eligible voters in Peru, IL . By staying informed about voter eligibility requirements and following applicable guidelines associated with each type of voter registration process, citizens will have no problem casting their ballot either on Election Day or during early voting periods leading up to it .

Where can I vote in Peru, IL?

La Salle County polling places
Polling places  primary election are as follows:
Peru 6 — Peru Twp. Offices, 1009 Peoria St., Peru, IL
Peru 8 & 9 — St. John’s Lutheran Church, 2000 Luther Drive, Peru, IL
Peru 10 & 11 — Liberty Village, 1107 31st St., Peru, IL
Peru Ambulance Service – 111 Fifth Street Peru, IL
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