Oswego, Illinois is an active voting community and takes great pride in participating in the American democratic tradition. In the 2016 general election, a total of 10,206 votes were cast for President Donald Trump in Oswego, which was about 64% of the total vote. This number represented an increase from 2012 when 8,238 votes were cast for Republican nominee Mitt Romney. It is clear that Oswego residents are highly engaged in the political process and take their civic responsibilities seriously.

The Village of Oswego offers multiple options to its voters on Election Day including early voting at designated village locations as well as absentee ballots. For those less inclined to vote in person or unable to due to physical limitations or other restrictions, mail-in ballots are also provided by the village through a simple application form. All registered voters are eligible and encouraged to take advantage of these services so they can make their voices heard without having to worry about any obstacles preventing them from exercising their right to vote.

In addition to making voting easy and convenient for its residents, the Village of Oswego also provides comprehensive information on each candidate running for office within its jurisdiction so citizens can make informed decisions when it comes time to go to the polls. The village has launched several initiatives over the years such as candidate forums and public debates which serve not only provide more details about each individual running for office but also allow citizens to learn more about important issues facing their community.

Moreover, the Village of Oswego also hosts voter registration drives throughout each election cycle where residents can easily register if they have not yet done so or update their existing voter information as needed in order for it stay current with state records. Furthermore, these events are often held at local schools where students can participate and learn more about the importance of civic engagement while making sure they too will be able to exercise their right to vote come Election Day!

Where can I vote in Oswego, IL?

If you live in Oswego, IL. then that means you live in Kendall County.  Below are the location(s) of where you can vote if you want to vote in Oswego, IL.


  • CROSSPOINTE CHURCH– 8 W. Richard Drive, Oswego, IL.
  • HUNT CLUB ELEMENTARY SCHOOL #308– 4001 Hunt Club Dr, Oswego, IL.
  • OSWEGO EAST HIGH SCHOOL #308– 1525 Harvey Rd, Oswego, IL.
  • PRAIRIE POINT ELEMENTARY SCHOOL #308– 3650 Grove Rd, Oswego, IL.
  • OSWEGO VILLAGE HALL– 100 Parkers Mill, Oswego, IL.
  • OLD POST ELEMENTARY SCHOOL #308– 100 Old Post Rd, Oswego, IL.
  • SOUTHBURY ELEMENTARY SCHOOL #308– 820 Preston Lane, Oswego, IL.
  • THOMPSON JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL #308– 440 Boulder Hill Pass, Oswego, IL.
  • FOX CHASE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL #308– 260 Fox Chase Drive North, Oswego, IL.
  • OSWEGO FIRE STATION #2– 2200 Wiesbrook Dr, Oswego, IL.
  • PLANK JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL #308-510 Secretariat Lane, Oswego, IL.