North Utica, Illinois is located in LaSalle County and is home to about 3,400 people. Voting in North Utica is an important part of being engaged in the local community. Every two years, residents have the opportunity to vote for who will serve them on the local board and village council. With each election comes voting registration deadlines, voter education initiatives, and opportunities for residents to get involved in their local politics.

To ensure that all eligible North Utica residents are able to exercise their right to vote on Election Day or during early voting periods, the Village Board offers several voter education initiatives during each election cycle. This includes providing materials such as voter guides and posters with information about candidates running for office as well as hosting events like town hall meetings where candidates can speak directly with constituents and answer questions from those living in North Utica.

Where can I vote in North Utica, IL?

Utica Village Hall- 801 S Clark St, Utica, IL

Waltham Township Bldg- 940 N 33rd Road, Utica, IL