In Montgomery, the city of nearly 19,000 people located in Kendall County, Illinois, citizens value their right to vote. The town prides itself on having an engaged and informed electorate that is ready to weigh in on the issues at hand. With an election coming up this November, it’s important for residents to make sure they’re registered and ready to cast their ballots.

Montgomery has two polling places: one at the grade school, and one at the fire station. To get more information about when and where to vote, residents can visit the website of the Kendall County Clerk or contact them directly via email or phone. Individuals must be registered at least 28 days before Election Day in order to participate. Those who are already registered can double-check their registration status online. The upcoming election marks a crucial moment for Montgomery’s citizens to have their voices heard –– so make sure you’re registered and ready to go! As early as possible, take some time to research candidates and decide which ones best represent your interests and values before heading into the polls this fall.

Where can I vote in Montgomery, IL?

If you live in Montgomery, IL. then that means you live in Kendall County.  Below are the location(s) of where you can vote if you want to vote in Montgomery, IL.


  • LAKEWOOD CREEK ELEMENTARY SCHOOL– #308, 2301 Lakewood Creek Drive, Montgomery, IL.
  • BOULDER HILL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL– #308, 163 Boulder Hills Pass, Montgomery, IL.
  • LONG BEACH ELEMENTARY SCHOOL– #308, 67 Long Beach Road, Montgomery, IL.
  • OSWEGO LIBRARY-MONTGOMERY CAMPUS– 1111 Reading Drive, Montgomery, IL.