Mendota, Illinois is a small city in LaSalle County located on the banks of the Illinois River. The city of Mendota has a population of close to 9,000 people and is part of the Ottawa-Streator Metropolitan Statistical Area. Mendota has a rich history that dates back to 1834 when it was first established as a trading post.

Voting in Mendota is an important part of civic engagement which allows people to be proactive in their local government’s decision making process. Every eligible citizen in Mendota is encouraged to register to vote and do so during local, state and federal elections. In order for citizens to be eligible to vote, they must be registered at least one month prior to the election date and provide valid identification such as a driver’s license or other state issued document that confirms their identity and residence address.

In addition, it’s important for voters in Mendota to stay informed about current events as candidates are regularly running for positions such as mayor, city council member or school board member. Additionally, each candidate will have different views on issues facing the city ranging from taxes, public safety, infrastructure and economic development which should all be taken into consideration when voting.

Mendota also has early voting options available at local polling locations so citizens can cast their votes ahead of time if they’re unable to make it out on election day. For those who can’t make it out on election day or early voting days, absentee ballots are also available by mail or through a third-party designee with valid identification present at the polling station.

Voting is an essential part of democracy and all citizens should exercise their right by staying informed about local politics and candidates, registering to vote and casting their ballot whenever possible. By doing this we can ensure our voices are heard in Mendota and help shape our future community!

Where can I vote in Mendota, IL?

Mendota Police Department – 607 8th Ave, Mendota, IL

St John’s Lutheran Church – 607 10th Ave, Mendota, IL

Mendota Civic Center 1901 Tom Merwin Dr, Mendota, IL 

Housing Authority For Lasalle – 701 Meadowview Dr, Mendota, IL