Malta, IL is a village located in DeKalb County and has a population of approximately 4,500 people. It is home to Northern Illinois University and the historic Elliott House Museum. Voting in Malta, IL takes place at the Village of Malta Municipal Building located at 110 South Third Street. This building also houses governmental offices for the municipality of Malta.

In order to ensure that the voting process is secure, all polling locations are equipped with both electronic and paper-based systems that allow voters to cast their ballot without needing to be concerned about potential fraud or tampering. In addition to voting on election day, early voting is also available throughout DeKalb county; this allows individuals who will be out of town during election day or cannot make it to the polls for any other reason to still have their voices heard. Early voting typically begins 28 days before an election and ends the Thursday before Election Day.

The Village of Malta Municipal Building provides convenient access for those wishing to vote in Malta – there is plenty of parking available outside and public transportation stops nearby for those taking advantage of early voting hours or who may not have access to personal transportation. The Village staff are always on hand at polling locations throughout DeKalb county providing helpful information as well as assistance should any issues arise during the voting process; they strive hard every year to ensure that everyone’s voice has been heard come election time!

Where can I vote in Malta, IL.

Village Of Malta Municipal Building – 115 S 3rd St, Malta, IL