Where can I vote in Granville, IL?

Granville, IL is a village in Putnam County that boasts a rich history and plenty of local attractions. The town was first settled as early as 1835, when it was known as Fox Settlement because of the abundance of foxes in the area. Over the years, Granville has grown to become the largest community in Putnam County. It is home to 1,427 people according to the 2010 census and is part of the Ottawa Micropolitan Statistical Area.

Granville offers its residents plenty of leisurely activities to enjoy outside of work hours. For starters, there are several parks located throughout the town, such as Granville Park and Putnam County Park. These great outdoor spaces provide plenty of opportunities for picnics or simply enjoying some fresh air. There are also numerous golf courses located nearby for those who love a round or two on the green. Additionally, nearby Nettle Creek provides ample fishing and other recreational activities for visitors and locals alike.

The local government prides itself on offering exceptional services to its citizens so that their quality of life remains high. There are various social service programs available for those in need, including an emergency food pantry located at Granville United Methodist Church and several counseling services offered by private organizations within the community. The village also partners with local businesses to offer employment resources and hold job fairs when necessary.

American Legion Post 180 –¬†209 N Mccoy St, Granville, IL