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Dear Friends,

I have exciting news.

After months of very serious deliberation and much reflection, I wanted personally let you know that I have decided to run for Congress.

As I begin this campaign, I do so with the hope and confidence that I can depend on your support.  I need the help of my close friends, like you, during the early stages of the campaign when it is especially tough to raise money.

I am running because I believe it is time to elect someone other than a professional politician, who sells out the people for political advancement.  We need a new Congressman who will put people ahead of politics and do what is right rather than politically convenient.

We deserve a representative who will not be part of the partisan political games consuming Washington.  We need action on the important issues such as reviving our economy, stopping the infringement of our Constitutional rights, protecting our borders, helping our veterans, and cleaning up Congress.

You know me.  I am never at a loss for words or a willingness to tackle a tough problem.

Will you join me in this important race?

You can count on me to stand up for our shared conservative principles and protect our cherished American values:

  • Government growth is dangerous. It limits our freedoms with the heavy burden of taxes.
  • The Constitution is immutable, and of course that includes the 2nd
  • Our laws must be respected – not twisted to suit a political agenda.
  • We are a capitalist society – never socialist.
  • Life is precious and must be protected.
  • Our First Amendment rights must not be trampled by Big Tech.

Like you, I know that our government should work for us — not against us.

One person alone cannot win an election.  I will need your help if I am to win this critical race.  Will you help me?

My most immediate need is to kick-off this campaign with momentum.  My treasurer estimates that I need to raise $31,730 to build our grassroots team, print signs and bumper stickers, and start our social media campaign.  Will you help me by sending donation $2900, $1000, $500, $200, $100, $50 or $35 today?

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I cannot stress enough that I need all the help I can get from good friends, like you, if I am going to be successful.  Please let me hear from you today.

Your support would be truly appreciated.

Thank you,

Jack Lombardi

P.S.  It is time to end the stranglehold professional politicians have on Congress.  It’s time to elect a Congressman who will put people ahead of politics.  That’s why I’m running for Congress.  Will you help me by sending a generous donation today to Lombardi for Congress?  Thank you!